SMEs hungry for long-term loans...

China Watch Blog has learnt that China's small and micro enterprises are still struggling with lackluster business, and most badly need long-term rather than short-term loans, said a report based on a survey released on Saturday at the Boao Forum for Asia.

Of the 1,000 small and micro enterprises surveyed across China, 56.7 percent said their order numbers declined or stayed flat last year compared with 2011, and 57.7 percent said profit dropped or kept flat in 2012. In addition, 49.9 percent complained about an unstable workforce.

Joseph Sung - Khalil Fong seminar on Apr 8...

China Watch Blog has learnt that Khalil Fong has been invited to be a guest speaker of a seminar with Prof Joseph Sung, the Vice Chancellor of Chinese University of Hong Kong, to share their faith and world views in the opening ceremony of the Diversity-in-Asia Fest.

[caption id="attachment_7048" align="alignleft" width="602"] Khalil Fong (left), Joseph Sung[/caption]

1/3 of Unilever's agri raw materials got sustainably...

China Watch Blog has learnt that Unilever announced it is sourcing more than a third of its agricultural raw materials sustainably, having made significant progress towards its target of 100% by 2020.

With 36% now sourced sustainably, it has exceeded the interim milestone of 30% it set itself in 2010 when launching the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

Living life in a more joyful way...

China Watch Blog reports Shea Vaughn is a sought after corporate trainer in health, wellness and fitness. She is an author, speaker, life coach and a recognized spokeswoman for creating individual and business well-being.

In addition, she is the well-known creator of SheaNetics®, a revolutionary wellness and exercise lifestyle practice, and the founder of Healthy Initiative – a non-profit organization that through donations and volunteer contributions champions disease prevention in the U.S. through awareness, education and sustainable solutions.

Obese passengers should pay extra: Economist...

China Watch Blog reports that airlines should charge obese passengers more, a Norwegian economist has suggested, arguing that "pay as you weigh" pricing would bring health, financial and environmental dividends.

Bharat Bhatta, an associate professor at Sogn og Fjordane University College, said that airlines should follow other transport sectors and charge by space and weight.

Breakfast at its best, a true American success story...

China Watch Blog reports that for Erica Barrett, life changed one Saturday morning on a trip to the grocery store. Frustrated at the lack of anything creative (and nutritious) on the breakfast aisle, she decided she was going to change the way people thought about breakfast.

Woman flaunts money after grave for dog refusal...

China Watch Blog reports that a woman flaunted a wad of renminbi notes to show her wealth, after her request to buy a grave for her dog was rejected by a cemetery.

"I have money!! If you think it is not enough, I can pay you more. It’s really simple, all I want to do is buy a grave in your cemetery for my dog,” a rich woman was quoted as saying to the principal of Ningbo’s Jiufeng Cemetery on March 18 by a Ningbo website.

WorldVentures opens for biz in Iceland...

China Watch Blog has learnt that WorldVentures, which is the industry’s largest seller of vacation club memberships, opens for business in Iceland. The organisation offers opportunities for local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

WorldVentures, the direct-selling industry’s largest seller of vacation club memberships, is proud to announce its expansion into Iceland. Launching in Iceland extends WorldVentures’ international presence to 23 countries, and is a natural progression to the company’s expansion in two other prominent Nordic markets, Sweden and Norway.

Mainland firm 1st in bonds default, is this a trend?

China Watch Blog has learnt that Suntech Power Holdings Co became the first company from the Chinese mainland to default on its bonds after failing to repay US$541 million of notes due last Friday, breaching terms of other outstanding loans. Is this the first of many?

The Shanghai Daily reported that the move pushes what was once the world's biggest solar panel maker into default on credit lines it has with International Finance Corp and Chinese domestic lenders, Suntech said yesterday in a statement from its headquarters in Wuxi. China Development Bank has loans to Suntech.

Approach on root of Selling and Buying Decisions...

China Watch Blog has learnt that sales training and coaching strategies that focus primarily on behaviors aren’t adequately preparing sales professionals to connect, persuade and win in today's tough environment.

The reason, according to Herrmann International research, is that selling approaches and buying decisions are rooted in thinking, not behaviors. By embedding thinking into development strategies, companies will be able to improve sales training results and generate higher revenue, account penetration and client loyalty levels.